Instructor: Charalambos Poullis

Teaching Assistants: Timothy [Tim] Forbes,
Chen [Jocelyn] Qiao

Office: EV3.183

Email: charalambos [at] poullis [dot] org

Lectures: Mon @ 17:45 – 20:15, GN M100

Tutorials: Tue [H907], Tue [H917] @ 20:30 – 21:20

Office hours: Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00 and by appointment

Other: Please see below


This course is an introduction to computer programming using a high-level programming language [Python]. In particular, the course aims at the development of software design and problem-solving skills, and the cultivation of algorithmic and analytical thinking in solving complex problems, all part of the process of software development.

Prerequisites: MATH 201 or equivalent

Textbook: There is no prescribed textbook. Lecture slides for this course will be the primary pointers. There is a vast amount learning content (in the form of notes, tutorials, etc. available on the Internet). The following are suggested reference textbooks:


[06.28.2017]   We will be using piazza for our communication. Invitations will be sent to all those registered. Alternatively, the passcode will be given out in class.

[06.28.2017]   Welcome to the course!