The list below provides a summary of the material that will be covered during the course as well as a tentative schedule. The tutorial will support topics covered in the lectures and provide hands-on exercises.

Ackowledgements: The slides are a combination of multiple resources and materials generously made publicly available by M. J. Guzdial, B. Ericson.

2017 Fall Semester
Date Topics Chapters Slides Comments
1 > Introduction to the course
Introduction to Computing
Ch. 1 Slides
2 > Introduction to programming
Creating and Modifying text
Ch. 2, 3 Slides
Programming Assignment 1 is out
3 > Modifying pictures using loops Ch. 3, 4 Slides
4 > Picture techniques with selection Ch. 5 Slides
5 > Picture techniques with selection (cont'd)
Assignment #1 solution
Ch. 5 Slides
Programming Assignment 1 is due
Programming Assignment 2 is out
6 QUIZ #1
7 > Modifying sounds using loops
Modifying samples in range
Ch. 6
Ch. 7.8­, 7.10
Programming Assignment 2 is due
Programming Assignment 3 is out
8 > Manipulating Text with Methods and Files
Assignment #2 solution
Ch. 11 Slides
9 > Manipulating Text with Methods and Files cont'd
Making Text For The Web
Ch. 11
Ch. 13
10 > Creating and Modifying Movies Ch. 14 Slides Programming Assignment 3 is due on 22nd Nov. 2017