The list below provides a summary of the material that will be covered during the course as well as a tentative schedule. During the latter part of the course, we will cover VR and AR technologies and provide hands-on experience in class. It is therefore recommended that you bring your laptop to class.

2019 Winter Semester
Date Topics Chapters Slides Comments
1 > 08th Jan Introduction to the course Syllabus
2 > 10th Jan Overview of Multimedia Ch. 2 slides
3 > 15th Jan Digitization (sampling) Ch. 6.1 slides
Assignment 1 out
4 > 17th Jan Digitization (quantization) Ch. 6.3 slides
5 > 22nd Jan Images Ch. 3 slides
6 > 24th Jan Image sampling Ch. 3 slides
7 > 29th Jan Intro to VR/AR development Assignment 1 due
Assignment 2 out
8 > 31st Jan Color Theory Ch. 4 slides
9 > 05th Feb Data compression (lossless) Ch. 7 slides
10 > 07th Feb Image Compression Standards Ch. 9 slides
11 > 12th Feb Assignment #1 solution
12 > 14th Feb QUIZ #1
13 > 19th Feb Stereo vision slides
Assignment 2 is due
Assignment 3 is out
14 > 21st Feb Introduction to Virtual Reality I slides
15 > 05th Mar Introduction to Virtual Reality II
Virtual Reality Applications
16 > 07th Mar Assignment #2 & Quiz 1 solution Project is out
17 > 12th Mar Developing Virtual Environments for VR and mobile VR Assignment 3 due
18 > 14th Mar Developing Virtual Environments for AR
19 > 19th Mar Research paper presentations:
  • Towards Virtual Reality Infinite Walking: Dynamic Saccadic Redirection
  • Through the HoloLens™ looking glass: augmented reality for extremity reconstruction surgery using 3D vascular models with perforating vessels
20 > 21st Mar Research paper presentations:
  • Pinpointing: Percise Head-and Eye-Based Target Selection for Augmented Reality
  • Efficient VR and AR Navigation through Multiperspective Occlusion Management
21 > 26th Mar Research paper presentations:
  • Ascending and Descending in Virtual Reality: Simple and Safe System using Passive Haptics
  • A context-aware method for authentically simulating outdoors shadows for mobile augmented reality
22 > 28th Mar Research paper presentations:
  • Facade Proposals for Urban Augmented Reality
  • The Mobile RehApp™: an AR-based mobile game for ankle sprain rehabilitation
  • Rethinking Redirected Walking: On the Use of Curvature Gains Beyond Perceptual Limitations and Revisiting Bending Gains
23 > 02nd Apr Research paper presentations:
  • Towards a Machine-learning Approach for Sickness Prediction in 360 Stereoscopic Videos
  • Extended LazyNav: Virtual 3D Ground Navigation for Large Displays and Head Mounted Displays
24 > 04th Apr QUIZ #2
25 > 09th Apr Project presentations Project is due
26 > 11th Apr Project presentations