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My research interests lie at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics. More specifically, the long term objectives of my research are to create (a) virtual worlds which are indistinguishable [in all aspects] from the real-world areas they represent and, (b) visualizations employing these realistic virtual worlds for a wide range of applications. These research objectives can be better categorized in four primary areas of investigation involving fundamental and applied research, namely: The figure shows the aforementioned distinct but complementary areas of investigations.
Immersive and Creative Technologies lab
I serve as the director of the Immersive and Creative Technologies lab.

The Immersive and Creative Technologies Lab conducts fundamental and applied research in the area lying at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics.

New knowledge and other research outcomes resulting from the research at the ICT lab are disseminated through teaching, research projects, and collaboration with the industry.

For more information visit the lab’s website: theICTlab.org
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